Eligibility & Assessment

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Eligibility for a Home Care Package can't be determined by Candice Care. This assessment is carried out by the My Aged Care team and the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Our team can however, assist you every step of the way to ensure a seamless process. 

You may be eligible for a home care package if you are:

  • an older person who needs coordinated support to help you to stay in your home
  • younger person with a disability, dementia or other special care needs that are not met through other specialist services

There is no minimum age requirement or residency restrictions, but Home Care Packages are not intended for visitors to Australia or people requiring temporary or short-term care.

To find out if you are eligible for a Home Care Package, one of our dedicated Team Leaders can support you as you through the My Aged Care Team assessment and eligibility determination.  

Once you are deemed eligible by the My Aged Care team, an assessment will be carried out by ACAT.

To take the first steps, get in touch with us so we can review your requirements, alternatively contact My Aged Care directly on 1800 200 422 or www.myagedcare.gov.au 


When do I need an ACAT assessment? 

You will need an ACAT assessment and approval if you have complex aged care needs and want to:

You will need a Home Support Assessment if you have entry level aged care needs and want to access support through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme for things such as meals or transport.

You won’t need a Home Support Assessment or an ACAT assessment for aged care services that are not subsidised by the Australian Government. For example, services offered by volunteer groups and charitable organisations, or one of Candice Care's Fee for Service options.


What happens at an ACAT assessment?

A member of your local ACAT, usually a nurse, social worker or other health care professional, will  come to your home (or hospital) and talk to you about how well you’re managing in your day-to-day life. For extra support, you may like to ask a family member, friend, carer or Candice Care Team Leader to be with you during the assessment..

Before meeting, the ACAT member may ask your permission to talk to your doctor to discuss your medical history. If you agree, your consent will be recorded by the ACAT member.

The following steps briefly outline what you can expect from an ACAT assessment.

The ACAT member will:

  • Ask your permission to conduct the assessment
  • Ask you if you wish to apply for approval to receive certain aged care support. They will explain these options to you and if you do want to apply, you will need to sign an application form
  • Ask you about your day-to-day living activities and if you need help with all or some of them. They’ll also talk to you about your general state of health, including any specific health conditions, as this will help them work out the level of help you need
  • Discuss whether you need more support so you can keep living in your own home, or if they think you might be better supported in an aged care facility
  • Give you information about all of the organisations, including Candice Care, that may be available in your local area.


After the assessment

After the assessment, you will receive a letter from ACAT sharing the outcome of your assessment. It will specify the level of care, including services, you are approved to receive, as well as the reasons why. Any other relevant information related to your assessment will also be provided.

Make sure you keep a copy of these documents as it will make it easier for Candice Care to confirm your eligibility to receive government-subsidised aged care support.

If you haven't involved Candice Care in this process, please make sure you get in touch so we can devise the most suitable support for you.


Our team believes that no matter your lifestyle or your financial situation, everyone deserves access to high quality support when required. We will work directly with you and your support network to determine the most suitable options, defined by your exact needs!

If you are receiving a Home Care Package, the Australian Government provides a subsidy to an approved home care provider, such as Candice Care. For more information, refer to our Eligibility & Assessment information above. Click here to visit our pricing page.

Disability support and the associated fees vary depending on your individual needs. If you are a participant in the NDIS scheme, your support costs will be covered as per your support plan. For more information on this, please visit the NDIS website here.

Our Self Funded fee-for-service costs are dependent on the type and frequency of the support you require, as well as your budget. We'll endeavour to work with you to find the right fit as much as possible.

All fees will be discussed upfront, and mutually agreed upon prior to entering into any contract or commencing services. 

We really look forward to assisting you. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call, send us an email or arrange a face to face meeting to discuss your options further.