Candice’s House

In partnership with Candice Care we have created Candice's House - a dedicated home of Community Services.

In our Houses, we offer tailored activities for those living with a disability and our ageing community. In addition to this, we provide accommodation for Respite, STA and MTA purposes for NDIS Participants.


Candice's House first began in 2018 as a dedicated home of Community Services. Due to the success of the first House and the realisation that there is a gap in facilities offering similar support throughout the country, we now have dedicated Candice's House on the Sunshine Coast, Warwick, Newcastle and Moree. 

All activities in our Houses are aimed at developing various skills, socialising and promoting a feeling of connection. We pride ourselves on extending tailored solutions designed to support your individual requirements. 

If you're looking for a safe and comfortable place away from home where you or your family member can connect with others to learn, grow and develop, Candice's House offers all that and more.

To find out more about the Candice's House movement & our services, visit the Candice's House website or give us a call.